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Mrs Stagg teaches Year 1 and Year 2 in Horseshoe class. Before taking up her role at Abbot Alphege Mrs Stagg was the lead teacher in Y1 at WASPS. Mrs Stagg loves reading and is very interested in teaching reading, she really enjoys helping children who may be struggling with their reading for whatever reason. Mrs Stagg runs the WASPS/AAA Orienteering club and has taken the minibus to three venues this year, including taking a team to the British Orienteering Championships in the Forest of Dean. AAA pupils got to run against schools from all over the country. In her spare time Mrs Stagg likes to orienteer with her family and is a member of the Bristol Orienteering club. She is currently ranked 8th for her age group in the national rankings and has competed all over the world, including New Zealand, Switzerland and Canada.

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Horseshoe Class Timetable – Autumn 2018

Horseshoe Curriculum Topics – Autumn Term 1 – 2018


Horseshoe Bread Making Day

Horseshoe had great fun making bread rolls on Thursday, we also made a large white loaf for Dr Bull. Weighing out the ingredients was shared out in groups and we learnt how the magic ingredients of flour, salt, sugar, yeast and hot water made a dough. The dough was sticky but we all learnt how to use the bottom of our palms to knead the bread. By stretching and squeezing, pulling and stretching we made an elasticated dough. We left the dough to prove. Thursday is Roast day at AAA, perfect for baking bread day. Chef Mandy put the rolls in the oven after dinner and twenty minutes later the whole school was filled with the smell of fresh bread. We loved tasting it and thought the warm, fresh bread was delicious. Everyone took their bread home to share with their family and Dr Bull was very pleased with her loaf of bread.