Horseshoe Class

Independent Work For Home Learning Summer Term 5

Horseshoe Independent Work

Reading Comprehension – Ibn Battuta

PowerPoint – Captain Scott

Diary Writing Frame – Captain Scott

Story Sequencing – Captain Scott

Reading Comprehension – Captain Tom Moore

Reading Comprehension – Beach habitat

Reading Comprehension – Birds in your garden

Reading Comprehension – Emperor penguin

Reading Comprehension – Fox

Apps for Emotional Well-being

As well as the work from your class teacher, there are a number of free learning resources available. For example:

We are setting no independent work for home learning over the Easter Holidays, but have suggested some ideas for projects that you might enjoy. Please email us pictures of anything you create and we will put a selection of the photos on the website. We hope you all manage to have a lovely break!

Come back here on Monday 20th April to find the next installment of your independent home learning, and keep checking the Homepage for any updates from the school.

Holiday Project Ideas

Make an Easter Bonnet
As we won’t be able to hold our usual Easter Bonnet Parade in school, see if you can make your own at home! Send us some photos and we will try to share some on the school website. 

Write a story
Create your own story using one of these pictures as inspiration.

Spring flower
Create your own spring flower using junk materials. We have included some images for inspiration!