Severe Weather Procedure



The Bath and Mendip Partnership Trust



Dear Parent / Carer

Procedure for Severe Weather Conditions and Other Similar Emergencies

If there should be bad weather conditions, such as a heavy fall of snow during the night, please either:

Ø  tune to Radio Bristol (94.9 FM or 104.6 FM) or Heart FM (103 FM) early morning local schools broadcast information bulletin.

Ø  check the information on the B&NES Council website under ‘school closures’     (

Ø  check the school website,

Ø  check your mobile for a message – if you have entered your mobile phone number on Parentpay we will hopefully be able to send you a text message.

Ø  telephone one of our ‘Snow Contacts’ parents: Steve or Anette.

Severe Weather Closure

In the instance that the school is closed there is no need to telephone the school.

In the instance that the school is Partially Open

Ø  Pupils should all be brought to the AAA Hall including those pupils in years 0 to 3.

Ø  Registers will be kept open until 10.30am and parents will be welcome to collect their children from 2.30pm onwards.

Ø  For those children who are usually provided with a piece of fruit, if there are no fruit supplies available, a biscuit will be offered for snack.

Ø  For any children who are in school over lunchtime and would like a school dinner, there will be a limited school meals service of a pasta lunch offered.

Ø  Regarding those pupils who are booked into Breakfast Club or After School Centre on the day in question, we shall make every effort to offer whatever limited facility for Breakfast Club and After School Centre (NB until 5.30pm) we can, staffed by those colleagues who have been able to travel into school.  However, we should very much appreciate you only using these two facilities if there is absolutely no alternative for your family!

In the instance that the school is Fully Open

Should the school remain open, we recognise that some families live quite a distance from the school. Parents are expected to make their own decision as to whether to travel when the weather is bad. Please telephone if you decide not to bring your child/children to school.   However, an absence note will be required on their return.

Where school has opened in the morning but weather conditions deteriorate during the day, parents may wish to collect their children before 3.20pm.   There is no need to telephone first, but it helps if you do, so that we can direct you to where your child(ren) will be.


Yours sincerely

Dr Anne Bull, Headteacher