Ways In Which You Can Help Us.

Parents often wonder what they can do to help their children through their school years.  Here are several suggestions:

  • Encourage your child to do any work he/she may bring home, e.g. spelling and learning tables.
  • Listen to your child read often and try to find time to read stories to him/her.
  • Transfer any worries that may directly or indirectly affect your child to US – not your child.


  • Let us know immediately if you notice a significant difference in your child’s reaction to school.  We would like to know the favourable ones too!
  • Train your child to dress him/herself.  If there is any difficulty in tying laces, try to provide slip-on or velcro shoes until your child has mastered laces.
  • Ensure that your child brings an old shirt for Art/Craft activities.
  • Please encourage your child to join in as much as possible both in and out of school – it helps enormously with future sociability.
  • Good manners (including those at meal times) are high on our list of priorities.  Much can be done to encourage this.
  • Show an interest in anything your child has done in school, but be prepared for days when nothing is mentioned!  Remember we all have bad days and we all get tired if we work too hard.

If you want to help your child with reading, writing, arithmetic, etc. at home, please come and talk to us first.  There are many dos and don’ts which can be explained, which will help your child enormously.

If you do have concerns or worries regarding your child’s progress, or if your child is experiencing problems with other children, please let us know!  In the first instance tell your child’s class teacher.