Brandt Class


Welcome to the Brandt Class, taught by Miss Becca Pearce.

Brandt class is our mixed ability group where pupils have hands-on learning with shorter academic focus times and frequent movement breaks. We use the TEACCH tray approach which enables our young learners to develop their independence and build confidence in themselves. Brandt class aims to build strength in managing emotions, social interactions and empowering pupils to love to learn; this is done with focused learning mornings and afternoon activities such as Life Skills, Food Technology and Outdoor Learning. Our young learners engage in daily walks and sensory activities.


Brandt Bat Info:

Brandt’s bats live in woodland, often in areas close to water. They are found throughout England and Wales but are absent from Northern Ireland and most of Scotland.

One of the smaller bat species, Brandt’s bats measure around 4-5cm in length and weigh in at 4.5-9.5g. They have long, shaggy fur which is dark brown in colour, with a grey belly. They have a pink face, small nose and slim, pointed ears.

Little is known about the population status of this species, but they are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, as well as being a European protected species. The main threat to Brandt’s bat is habitat loss caused by a reduction in woodland and loss of prey due to increased pesticide use and changes to agricultural practices.