Natterers Class

Welcome to Natterers Class

Natterers Class is taught by Mrs A Randall.

Our topic question this term is ‘Where is Space?’.  Please see below to find out what we are learning:

Natterers Topic Web Terms 3 and 4 2023-24

Natterer class are also learning about emotions and strategies through the use of The Happy, Confident Me Company. They have been using ‘feel-it’ cards and have been completing a daily journal entry.

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What is a Natterer’s bat?

The Natterer bat can found across the UK, although it is a scarce species. It prefers to forage low down among trees, often taking prey directly from the foliage. The Natterer’s bat is a medium-sized bat. All UK bats are nocturnal, feeding on midges, moths and other flying insects that they find in the dark by using echolocation. Natterer bats also forage on beetles and spiders that they take directly from foliage. Their flight is relatively slow and they can be found hunting over water and among the trees after sunset. They roost in old buildings like churches and castles, but rarely in houses. During summer, the females form maternity colonies and have a single pup.

Natterer bats hibernate over the winter in caves, disused mines and rock crevices.

The Natterer bat is a medium-sized bat, with fairly long ears and a bare, pink face. Its fur is light brownish-grey on its back and pale on its belly. There is a row of stiff hairs on the edge of its tail membrane.
The can be found widely across Europe, but are very scarce in the UK.