Pipistrelle Class


Welcome to the Pipistrelle class page!

Mrs Caroline Ford and Mrs Sarah Griffin teach the Reception children in Pipistrelle Class.

The Pipistrelle bat

The common pipistrelle is so small, it can fit into a matchbox! Despite its size, it can easily eat 3,000 insects a night . All UK bats are nocturnal, feeding on midges, moths and other flying insects that they find in the dark by using echolocation. Common pipistrelles feed in a wide range of habitats from grasslands to urban areas. They roost in tree holes, bat boxes and even the roof spaces of houses, often in small colonies.

The common pipistrelle has dark, golden-brown fur, a slightly paler underside and a dark mask around the face. Its flight is rapid with lots of twists and turns. The soprano pipistrelle is similar in appearance, so the two can be difficult to tell apart.

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