Independent Work for Home Learning w/b 22/06/20

Horseshoe Home Learning Overview 22/06

Back to School Story

Reading Comprehension – Victorian Inventors

Reading Comprehension – Layers of the Ocean

Independent Work for Home Learning w/b 15/06/20

Horseshoe Home Learning Overview 15/06

Brunel’s Ships

Story Planner 1

Story Planner 2

Food Chains Sorting Activity

Reading Comprehension – Tigers

Reading Comprehension – Sharks

Apps for Emotional Well-being

Independent Work for Home Learning w/b 08/06/20

Horseshoe Home Learning Overview 08/06

Brunel Kenning Poem Guidance

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Reading comprehension – Minibeasts

Reading comprehension – Polar Animals

Welcome to Horseshoe’s Page!

“Hello, my name is Mr Hancock and I’m delighted to be Horseshoe’s class teacher. I join Abbot Alphege Academy after two very enjoyable years teaching at Weston All Saints Primary School. I decided to qualify as a teacher following my experiences of working with children as a sports coach and I undertook my training locally, at Bath Spa University. I especially enjoy teaching PE and maths and participating in outdoor learning. I love being outside in the great outdoors and enjoy anything sport-related, particularly cricket, football and rugby. I enjoy spending my spare time with my lovely family, including my two beautiful children.”

Mr. Hancock teaches Year 2 in Horseshoe class.

The Horseshoe Bat

The Greater Horseshoe Bat was once a cave-dweller, but now tends to roost in old buildings, such as churches and barns. It is rare in the UK and, like many other bats, declining in number. All UK bats are nocturnal, feeding on midges, moths and other flying insects that they find in the dark by using echolocation. In early summer, Greater Horseshoe Bats will emerge at dusk and dawn, however, preferring to roost through the middle of the night.

One of our largest bats, the Greater Horseshoe Bat is the size of a small pear. It has a characteristically fleshy nose that is shaped like a horseshoe. Its fur is reddish-brown on its back and cream underneath.

To find out what we are learning this term:

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Florence Nightingale Day

The children in Horseshoe have been learning all about Florence Nightingale this term and the wonderful ways in which she helped to improve nursing, particularly for the soldiers battling in the Crimean War. The children travelled to WASPS to take part in a re-enactment of the deadly Battle of Inkerman, dressed as either soldiers or nurses. After the soldiers had finished battling bravely, they were looked after by the caring nurses in an outdoor war hospital.

The Mental Health Mission!

AAA have been taking part in The Daily Mile’s ‘Mental Health Mission’, in which the children are required to either walk, jog or run a mile everyday throughout February to promote exercise as a way to help positive mental well-being. There are 12 different challenges for the children to undertake whilst completing their mile runs, all of which focus on connecting with others and promoting good mental health. “I love running the daily mile because it makes me feel really good!” Y2 pupil.