Our Intent for Mathematics at Abbot Alphege Academy

At Abbot Alphege Academy, it is our intent to provide a high-quality education of mathematics that encourages pupils to deepen their mathematical understanding. Following the guidance from the national curriculum, and the White Rose Maths scheme, our children will explore a wide range of topics. We use mistakes and misconceptions as an essential part of learning and consolidate their knowledge through rich and challenging problems.

Our mathematicians will develop a coherent understanding of the mathematical concepts that underpin all of our maths work such as place value and the four operations. They will be given the opportunity to apply and incorporate their knowledge when thinking about real life scenarios and also across our wider curriculum. Our children will also be encouraged to use concrete and pictorial resources in order to deepen their understanding of the concepts being taught.

We want all pupils to leave Abbot Alphege Academy with a secure knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts. We would like them to be able to navigate different strategies and methods by choosing the most efficient and appropriate one for the question being answered or the problem being solved. We would like them to be fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics so that they develop conceptual understanding and the ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately. We would like them to be confident in reasoning mathematically by following a line of enquiry and developing and presenting a justification, explanation or proof using mathematical language.

Our Mathematics Curriculum   

We use White Rose Maths as our primary scheme for maths learning across the school. More information can be found here:



As we are a small school and all of our Key Stage 1 and 2 classes are taught in mixed year groups, we make use of the White Rose Mixed Age planning to support us in making excellent provision for all of our young mathematicians:

White Rose Maths Mixed-Age Progression

This document shows how mathematical knowledge and skills progress across the year groups in all areas of maths, and also shows when each year group is learning each aspect (although we do reserve the right to adapt this to the needs of our individual cohorts of children).


We supplement this with the use of the Ready to Progress materials to ensure that all children are ready for the next stage in their mathematical journey, by securing the core skills that they need to make progress. More information can be found here (although this is a resource aimed at teachers rather than parents):

Maths guidance KS1 and 2

We also use Number Sense to support our teaching of mathematical fluency….

…and Times Tables Rock Stars to help our children become fluent in their multiplication tables.























The AAA Curriculum