Meet the Abbot Alphege Team



We are extremely proud to be the Abbot Alphege Team (the AAA Team!). We see each and every person’s role as crucial to the well being and academic progress of our children, and every person is as important and valued as each other.

Our current staff team:

Mr Conley                                 Head teacher

Mrs Ford                                   Assistant Head teacher, Pipistrelle Class teacher and SENDCo

Mrs Griffin                                 Pipistrelle Class teacher

Mr Samuel                                Barbastelle Class teacher

Mrs Day                                    Horseshoe Class teacher

Mrs Randall                              Natterers Class Teacher

Mrs Broadhurst                         School Administrator

Mrs Stinson                               Administrative Assistant

Mrs Marsh                                 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Leonard                               HLTA

Mrs White                                  Teaching Assistant

Miss Kerr Dineen                       HLTA

Mrs Faisal                                  Teaching Assistant

Mrs Nash                                   Teaching Assistant

Mrs Von Franquemont               Teaching Assistant

Mrs Boyle                                   Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hutcheson                           Teaching Assistant

Mr Goodman                              Lunchtime Supervisor