Everyone who has a child at AAA is invited to get involved in supporting school life. Some parents choose or are able to to be more involved and we hope they will consider joining our new PTA.

The Group has the role of co-ordinating social events and raising funds for the school. 

Why do we need to raise money?

Government funding doesn’t cover all school expenditure. There may be needs or benefits for the school that the committee has identified as beneficial which government funding will not pay for but the committee feels that spending money in these areas would enhance the learning environment of the school and the learning experience for our children. We annually contribute to the professional performance for the pupils’ Christmas entertainment and, more recently, we are raising money to assist the building of our outdoor learning resources.

How is money raised?

Fundraisers can include: eg:

Christmas Fair and Christmas Cake Sale

Plant and Cake Sale

Summer BBQ

Quiz Evening


What can I do?

There are lots of ways that you can help out:

  • selling [and buying!] raffle tickets
  • helping set up for/clear up after an event
  • buying a cake at a sale or baking one to be sold
  • spreading the word about upcoming events
  • doing a shift at a fair stall or refreshment stand
  • helping to organise a social event
  • donating a raffle prize

….and so many more. You don’t have to commit to helping at every event: we value whatever time you can spare whether that be an hour at a one-off event or a regular attendance at committee meetings. You decide how much you want to/can be involved.

What’s in it for me?

  • Meet new friends
  • Get to know staff and school management teams
  • Gain new skills, e.g. working in a team; organising – you can add your involvement to your CV
  • Your children benefit from the funds raised

Don’t worry: you won’t be press-ganged into doing anything more than you want to, and you don’t have to attend all the meetings but if you’re interested in belonging to the PTA please let the School Office or your child’s Class Teacher know.

We hope you’ll want to join us as the more people who get involved, the more we can achieve for the school and our children.

Thank you