Our Intent for Science at Abbot Alphege Academy

At Abbot Alphege Academy, it is our intent to inspire children to develop a fascination with the world around us through our science education. We hope this will encourage children to look into science later in life and allow them to follow their aspirations. Pupils will explore all areas of science, building on their knowledge throughout their time at school, whilst following the aims in the National Curriculum.

Our scientists will develop a deep understanding of how all things are linked and will expand their knowledge on particular areas as they progress. We will provide the skills to be able to identify different properties, conduct experiments in a controlled way and evaluate results scientifically.

We want all pupils to leave Abbot Alphege Academy with a secure knowledge and understanding of the relationships between different areas of science and how they relate to each other. We would also like them to develop their fascinations in their own areas and be confident in their knowledge of these discoveries. As scientists, we want children to have the ability to recall how to conduct a scientific experiment, be able to see the links between different topics and be able to draw on their knowledge in other areas of the curriculum.

We want to inspire our children’s curiosity and love of science by connecting with and exploring the city of Bath. In the local area we have many science and engineering companies, along with the fantastic opportunities offered by University of Bath, The Hershel Museum and Science week.

We support our Science teaching with the Developing Experts Schemes of Learning. For more information about Developing Experts, click here:




Our full Science Curriculum can be found here:

AAA Science Curriculum

Here are some great websites that we use to support Science teaching, and might be useful for learning at home too!







The AAA Curriculum